Founding Manifesto

The Korean scientist’s duty is to contribute to the happiness and development of civilization, not only in Korea but also in the rest of the world, through the advancement of science and technology. No matter how outstanding a new technology may be, if it is not shared with colleagues, the global academic community, future scientists, and even ordinary citizens, it will be hard to deem it useful. Journals are the most important media for spreading scientific development and helping to achieve greater discoveries because new technology is usually shared through academic journals. Moreover, in the current state of heightened public interest in scientific advancements, the quality improvement of domestic scientific journals not only enables the sharing of information with one’s neighbors in the world but also motivates various activities in the domestic scientific circle. Science editors are responsible for promoting domestic journals in a way that encourages scientists, both foreign and domestic, to publish in them and thereby elevate the nation’s status.

Despite various efforts by field experts and related workers to publish outstanding journals and except for a few societies, we have experienced many difficulties in establishing and maintaining world-class journals because of financial hardship, lack of professional editors, and other various tangible and intangible difficulties. Many journals are published without proper formatting and style, and considering Korea’s stature as a science nation, the fact that we fall behind international journals in terms of networks and index database is also highly regrettable.

Therefore, the KCSE, which can provide a foundation for world-class journal publication through such actions as increasing the expertise of editors and establishing publication ethics, is desperately needed. The KCSE’s purpose is raising domestic journals to world-class levels and contributing to human achievement by enabling scientific dissertations to be published in domestic journals so that they may be read and cited worldwide. The founding of the KCSE will be a great turning point in reviewing the current status of scientific academic activities and in planning the development and future course of Korean academic journals. Subsequently, the activities of the KCSE must expand to developing and suggesting policies, directions, and projects for the improvement of academic journals.

The KCSE aims to contribute to the development of science with plans for the quality improvement of scientific journals published in Korea by negotiating the provisions relating to editing and exchanging information about the editing and publishing of scientific journals. Specifically, the KCSE will support the registration of these journals in both domestic and foreign index databases, improve the level of the journals, ensure internal stability by enforcing education in the drafting and screening of dissertations, and promote cooperation and exchange among journal editors to encourage better journal editing. KCSE will also improve the research and publication ethics of academic journals in an attempt to achieve international status and will provide domestic editors with the latest information through active exchange with both foreign and domestic science editors.

We thank scientists worldwide, editors of scientific journals, the science press, researchers, students, and all those who gave their support to launching the KCSE this fall, fulfilling the long-cherished wish of many science editors and others. The KCSE will help lead the world’s scientific development and will become the foundation of the development of domestic academic journals, and we hereby declare the founding of this council.

September 21, 2011

On behalf of the Founding Preparation Members of the KCSE

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