Committee on Planning and Administration

Committee on Planning and Administration shall oversee finances, evaluation of member eligibility, and tasks related to the enforcement of decisions made by other standing committees.

ChairEun Seong Hwang, Ph.D
Vice ChairSue Kim, Ph.D.
MemberYoung Koog Cheon, M.D.
MemberSoon Kim
MemberDong-Gyu Sim, Ph.D.
MemberWook Song, Ph.D.

Committee on Education and Training

Committee on Education and Training shall manage educational operations related to composing scientific dissertations, thesis evaluation, editing academic journals, etc.

Title Name
ChairSoo Young Kim, M.D.
Vice ChairHae Won Kim, Ph.D.
MemberRobert Astle
MemberHee Kyung Chung
MemberDong Soo Han, M.D.
MemberYear Hur, Ph.D.
MemberByoung Ryong Jeong, Ph.D.
MemberSeok-Jong Lim, Ph.D.
MemberYunhee Whang, Ph.D.

Committee on Publication Ethics

Committee on Publication Ethics shall plan and perform operations related to the ethical publication of scientific papers.

Title Name
ChairCheol-Heui Yun, Ph.D.
Vice ChairKibeom Park, Ph.D.
MemberKyong-Mee Chung, Ph.D.
MemberEun Ae Kim, Ph.D.
MemberWha-Chul Son, Ph.D.
MemberSang Wook Yi, Ph.D.

Committee on Information Management

Title Name
ChairTae-Sul Seo, Ph.D.
Vice ChairHyun Jung Yi, Ph.D.
MemberJinnil Choi, Ph.D.
MemberJeonghui Im
MemberYoungim Jung, Ph.D.
MemberJee Hee Kim, M.D.
MemberMyeong Soo Lee, Ph.D.
MemberYoon Joo Seo

Committee on External Affairs

Committee on External Affairs shall manager relations with domestic and foreign academic societies and institutions, and relationships among domestic editors.

Title Name
ChairJaeseok Choi, Ph.D.
Vice ChairBae Ho Park, Ph.D.
MemberYoung Jun Chang, Ph.D.
MemberWoo Seok Choi, Ph.D.
MemberKyeon Hur, Ph.D.
MemberJieun Kim
MemberEunah Shin, M.D.

Committee on Manuscript Editing

Committee on Manuscript Editing shall train the professional manuscript editors, development of editorial guideline and certificate system of manuscript editors.

Title Name
ChairHye-Min Cho, M.A.
Vice ChairJae Hwa Chang, M.A.
MemberSoo-Hee Chang
MemberHye Mi Hong
MemberSe Hee Hwang
MemberHyunju Jang
MemberYeonwook Kim
MemberHyun Jung Kwon
MemberSeong Ouk Lee

Committee on Publication

Title Name
ChairKihong Kim, Ph.D.
Vice ChairJung A Kim, Ph.D.
MemberMorris Park
MemberPan Dong Ryu, Ph.D.

Committee on Awards

Title Name
ChairHyungsun Kim, Ph.D.
MemberSun Huh, M.D
MemberEun Seong Hwang, Ph.D.
MemberKihong Kim, Ph.D.
MemberSoo Young Kim, M.D.


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